GM Rules - Must Read


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    GM Rules - Must Read

    Post by Exclikers on Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:48 pm

    To all Assigned GM (Game Master of Xheprah MU)


    1. XheprahMU Gm is the one who will help normal players if there is any question regarding on the game.

    2.XheprahMU GM is not allowed to give any items or jewels to the player. (Except for any Event).

    3.XheprahMU GM
    cannot used his issue set to his normal account. thats why we have
    seperate acount for normal character and a GM account.

    4. XheprahMU GM guild cannot join to any normal guild in game.

    5.XheprahMU GM will post a message on the big screen if he/she will handle event. (Only English on Global Message)

    6. XheprahMU GM is not allowed to ask for your username and password.

    8. XheprahMU GM will ensure the fairness of the game.

    if you find someone is hacking or duping take a screen shots or tell to
    any online XheprahMU in game and post it in website forum.

    10.XheprahMU GM will submitt the screen shots taken and later to be
    discuss to the Admin if its will be banned or account deleted.

    11. XheprahMU GM will only have party to a normal player if its only an event called "party with GM"

    12. XheprahMU Gm is not allowed to used his account to hunt for his normal
    player for items or Box of Kundun any screen shots made by normal player
    when they see you. Admin XheprahMU will take action on it.

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